Things that bring me happiness

Cheek kisses

dsc_3751Smiles from strangers

Doing well on a test


Frozen lemonade on a hot day

Rewarding soreness

Making new friends


Deep conversations       img_8368-1

Enjoying someone’s company

Finding something I thought I lost

Giving someone a thoughtful present

Family time

Children’s innocence

Sound of ice cream truck & the memories that are triggered   VSCO Cam-1.jpg

Long drives with the windows down and the music blasting

Seeing old couples in love proving that forever exists

My favorite candle scent filling the room

Taking a shower after a long day

Being wrapped in the arms of the one I love

Trusting someone

Fresh fruit

img_5814Facetime with people across the country

Making people laugh

Chugging water when I’m thirsty


Reading a good book

Falling asleep talking to each other

Being comfortable in silence

Reminiscing memories

Sharing moments

Yoga    dsc_5440


Playing soccer

Clean room/ car

Fresh laundry straight out of the dryer

Not having anxiety

Finding a good restaurant

img_6761Happy tears

Childhood memories

The feeling of the sun tingling your skin

The sound of waves

Satisfied feeling after a hard workout you didn’t think you could do

Printing pictures

Being fully in the present moment

Smell of my mother

Getting my hair played with   dsc_4446-2

Songs that take you back to a moment

Waking up next to the human I love


My father’s stories

Knowing that no matter how much time goes by without seeing someone, that friendship won’t change

My little brother waking me up with a hug

Laughing so hard I can’t finish the story I’m telling

Feeling genuinely loved and appreciated

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