Blogging to Vlogging

I realize that I will soon stop writing and turn to Vlogging instead…

Mostly because I need the practice to become comfortable in front of the camera.  There are other reasons too, like I won’t be able to edit what I say… it will be like an uncensored Jenny. I think that’s the most important part.  The authenticity of it.  Just speaking from my heart about whatever the hell I am feeling at the time. That could potentially lead to problems… considering I am a very emotional person and in this day and age, you always have to be politically correct.  I’m sure I’ll fail at that a few times.  But that’s a part of life I guess.  It is sad to think that I will have to leave my WordPress soon and turn to YouTube or whatever medium I chose to share my thoughts on next, but I think it’s all about growth anyway.  Blogging has made me become more comfortable with being vulnerable, which I would not have done if I was not encouraged to by my professor.


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